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Monday, October 31, 2005

Cafe illy teaches about coffee

Attention coffee lovers: illy, the Italian coffee maker with U.S. headquarters in Rye Brook, is attempting to woo Americans with Galleria illy. It's a combination coffee house, art gallery and coffee education center at 382 W. Broadway in SoHo that continues through Dec. 15.

In addition to serving coffee, cappuccino and espresso from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, there are two performances of "28 Seconds," an interactive play about coffee's history each Monday. On Tuesdays, a class called Coffee Sense looks at how to properly pallet coffee, which flavors tasters should look for, and what desserts coffee should be paired with. It teaches how to make coffee-based drinks such as an espresso martini.

"The point of this is brand awareness especially since in North America people are becoming more knowledgeable about coffee," says Jessica Brott, an illy spokesperson. "It lets people know that there's another great brand."

The artist James Rosenquist was commissioned to create a mural called "Coffee Flavors Ideas." It's an extension of the coffee mug and saucer he designed for illy in 2003. Each year the company commissions an artist to create a collectible mug and saucer; this year's mug was done by Julian Schnabel.

The admission, classes and the play are free. For more information visit

Source: The Journal News

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Become Coffee Tycoon

...At least on your computer anyway. You can run your own coffee shop and turn it into a coffee empire in this coffee simulation game. Start fresh with one store, customize your coffee business by giving it a name and choosing a logo and store design. From there, choose a city start your coffee empire, maybe New York or L.A., or if you are really daring move to Seattle and take on Barstucks!

The game comes with great graphics, dozens of characters, store upgrades and coffee recipes to customize your business. You are in control of how well or not so well your empire does. If you are in the process of starting your own cafe, then check out this game. It'll take the stress out of doing it for real yet sharpening your coffee industry management skills.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

344 Tea Reviews

This website is pretty useful. They have 344 tea reviews and you can sort by the most recent, by country, by type, by retailer, by reviewer, by final rating, and by price. I'm not sure how valid this information is being that it hasn't been updated since April of last year. But an intriguing find for tea lovers.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Coffee Facts

I found a very interesting resource online. There is alot of stuff I didn't know; like: "The 3,500 beans on a coffee tree that go into making one pound of coffee have to be picked by labor that may average only a dollar a day." Check it out.

52 Nifty Coffee Facts

USA Today Tea Factoid

Got Tea?

Average milk consumption went down from 25.7 gallons
a year for the average American in 1990 to 21.9
gallons in 2002. Average tea consumption increased
from 6.9 gallons to 7.8 gallons over the same period.

View the factoid

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Danish cafe marks 135 years

"Confectioner Nicolaus Henningsen opened the capital city's best-known Viennese-style coffeehouse on Oct. 8, 1870, in its current downtown location."

Wow... 1870. That's along time to be in business. It got me pondering alot of questions. Like, are they any cafe's in New York that have been in business just as long?....Which coffeehouse is the oldest?....and how does this type of venue stay in business this long??

If you have any insight please post a comment.

Hacker nets $30,000 at cafe

Here is some thing to look you for. Cafe owners and customers alike. Owners: make sure you have the proper antivirus software, etc. installed and updated on all your computers. Cusomters: be cautious of your activity when using public computers.

Read the article.
An Auckland businessman had $30,000 stolen by an Indian hacker who got his online banking password through "spyware" on an internet cafe computer.

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