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Friday, November 04, 2005

My Buddy...TeaBuddy

Nik Roope had grown so peeved with making cups of tea for co-workers without having the favor returned, he developed a website to bring order to tea-making duties. His site, Teabuddy, is social software for lovers of the leaf.

In British workplaces, where etiquette dictates that anyone venturing to the kitchen must make a cup for everyone nearby, tempers can boil if colleagues neglect their tea-brewing responsibilities.

"Open-plan offices may have revolutionized working patterns but, in the ever-polite U.K., it creates a situation where you can't just make one cup, you must make one for everyone in the entire room," said Roope, a designer with London-based creative agency Poke, where job applicants are vetted for their ability to make up to 18 cups a day.

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