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Friday, November 18, 2005

Quality Teas

Check out these websites as I'm sure you find some cool tea-like stuff to purchase.

Upton Tea Inports - a huge variety of different teas. They also
sell Chatsford teapots, which are very good teapots with strainers
from England.

The Fragrant Leaf - great quality especially their Oolongs and
Senchas and excellent customer service (Robin always sends you a
free sample with your order)

Special Teas - like Upton they have a great variety of teas.

Shan Shui is a bit high priced (especially for a newbie). Brian specializes in Oolong teas and aged (Purer) teas and the quality is very fine.

Teaism - You can buy the high-quality teas in
their restaurant on line. Some prefer their Sencha above all others.


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