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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Coffee Shop Friends

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year from CafeList!

What I like about coffeehouses is that there is alot of room to make friends out of strangers. As one coffee shop is described:
It's a place where the regulars leave messages for one another, where they pin their frequent coffee-drinker cards (the 10th cup is free) against the wall, where customers bring Christmas presents for a couple who are sick.

Isn't this what it's all about? An external extension of your livingroom? A home away from home? It's something for you cafe owners to think about. Is this the kind of shop you have? Is this the kind of shop you want?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Interesting Coffee Grinds..I Mean Finds

Check these out. I found these during my usual internet travels. And thought you guys might find them useful and/or funny.

Specialty Coffee Statistics
Successful Drive-Thru Operations Guide
Drive-Thru Startup Guide

These in particular display the effect of coffee on our society today.

Coffee Skin Care
Coffee Bean Jewelry
Coffee Cruises

Did you know this about coffee?

  1. The United States is the world's largest consumer of coffee, importing 16 to 20 million bags annually (2.5 million pounds), representing one-third of all coffee exported. More than half of the United States population consumes coffee. The typical coffee drinker has 3.4 cups of coffee per day. That translates into more than 450,000,000 cups of coffee daily.
  2. The largest coffee importer center in the U.S. is located in the city of New Orleans, LA.
  3. ALL coffee is grown within one thousand miles of our Earth's equator between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  4. The coffee tree produces its first full crop when it is about 5 years old. Thereafter it produces consistently for 15 or 20 years.
  5. A mature coffee tree will produce ONE POUND of coffee per growing season.
  6. ONE POUND of ground beans makes about 50 cups of java.
  7. It takes 2,000 hand-picked Arabica coffee cherries to make ONE roasted pound of coffee - or approximately 4,000 beans.
  8. Coffee berries do not ripen uniformly. The same branch may display ripe red berries, unripe green berries, and overripe black berries. Conscientious growers select only the ripe berries.
  9. Coffee grows in more than 50 countries and is the second largest export in the world after oil (in dollar value). Over 25 million people are employed in the coffee business world-wide.
  10. Brazil, the world's largest producer, grows approximately 35% of the world's coffee.
  11. Colombia is the world's second largest Arabica coffee producer.
  12. Green coffee is a major import of the United States; about two-thirds of the total comes from Central and South America, with Brazil and Colombia the two largest suppliers.
  13. Ground coffee loses its flavor immediately unless it is specially packaged or brewed, like those offered at Discount Coffee. Vacuum sealed and nitrogen filled foil plastic-and-paper combinations are used to protect freshly roasted and ground coffee and keep coffee fresh for up to 6 months.
  14. Flavored coffees are created after the roasting process by applying flavored oils specially created to use on coffee beans.
  15. Darker roasted coffees; ie. Espresso, contains Less Caffeine than any other roast because caffeine is lost during longer roast period.
  16. Fine Mexican coffees now compare with those from Central America with a fine acidity, delicate body and pleasantly mellow flavor.
  17. German immigrants in Guatemala developed a cultivation process to use in extreme weather conditions. They burn rubbish and pitch near the plantations during severe weather and the dense smoke protects the trees from frost and produces a smoky flavor in the beans.
  18. "Coffee Arabica" is the species name assigned to the coffee tree by European botanist Linnaeus while categorizing the flora of the Arabian peninsula.
  19. Arabica beans and fine wines both derive their flavors from the soil, altitude and microclimates in which they are grown.
  20. Cappuccino is so named because the drink's peak of foam resembles the color of the robes worn by the Cappuicine Monks (cowl of a Capuchin friar's habit).
  21. Jamaica Blue Mountain is often regarded as the best coffee in the world.
  22. In 215 B.C. the first vending machine was designed by Hero of Alexandria to vend sacrificial water.
  23. In 1615, the first European coffee was sold in drugstores as a medicinal remedy.
  24. In 1625, Sugar was first used to sweeten coffee.
  25. In 1650, the Dutch carried the descendants of the seeds of Baba Budan stole to Java, where coffee growing subsequently flourished.
  26. In 1715, Jesuits began coffee cultivation in Haiti. Due to unstable political problems, Haitian coffees are difficult to find. Deep volcanic soil in combination with heavy rainfall produce coffee that is sweet, mellow, fair-bodied and rich in flavor.
  27. In 1721, the first coffee house opened in Berlin.
  28. In 1773, Americans revolted against King George's Tea Tax and the Continental Congress declared coffee the official national beverage. If it had not been for the Boston Tea Party, we may have had a cup of "Folgers Tea" this morning. :-)
  29. In 1825, Coffee was taken to Hawaii.

Via: Discount Coffee

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 Updates

Hello Everyone,

First and foremost thank you for all your support and continuing to visit our website. Some changes have been made to the website. One of the coolest things is that we've added is the latest blog posts right on the homepage. This is useful for taking a quick glance to see what you've missed in the last couple of days. Merdeka Coffee has also been added as a featured company. Go have a look see at the people who are known as the Indonesian Coffee Specialists.

If anyone would like to contribute to the growth of CafeList please email me.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cafe joins forces with Airline

Yes, you read correctly. A cafe can have these kind of business deals. Your beverages can comfort frequent flyers.

India budget airline company Air Deccan has gone into a deal with the café chain Café Coffee Day. Cafe Coffee Day is part of the Rs 300 crore Amalgamated Coffee Bean Company Limited group and the deal would see them in a co-branding arrangement with the India’s first no-frills airline company which has revolutionized the way people traveled by air in India.

As per the deal between the two companies, Cafe Coffee Day will now become the single point vendor to supply a range of food and beverages to the passengers on Air Deccan flights. And also, Air Deccan passengers will receive discounts on purchase of merchandise like coffee powder and gift packs at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets in airports. They would be required to show their boarding passes for this offer.

See? Starbucks isn't the only company that can accomplish this. This is just more proof that coffee and tea businesses are here to stay.


Today is International Tea Day

Today is International Tea Day. On December 15 , 2005, India along with other tea producing countries across the world will observe International Tea Day to draw global attention of governments and citizens on the impact of global tea trade on workers, small growers and consumers. The International Tea Day is being observed in major tea producing countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India and Tanzania.

This day aims to:
  • affirm the rights of tea-plantation workers and small growers
  • raise the awareness of tea-plantation owners and managers, government officials, trade unions and workers about trade and labour standards
  • strengthen international advocacy and campaigning
  • promote tea as a health drink
Why an International Tea Day?
The commodity price of tea is declining in all countries. There is overproduction in tea industry; but this is directed because the benefit goes to the global brands. The global brands get tea at the lowest prices. Tea industry across the world is experiencing large-scale restructuring. There is disintegration and disengagement at the plantation level and consolidation at the brand level. Lack of transparency in pricing is seen along the tea value chain. To make it more miserable there is disproportionate value accrual at the higher end of the tea value chain and unrealistic price realisation at the lower end.

Aquire more knowledge about today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gamila's Tea Stick

This is a neat little tool for the way most Americans serve tea; in a single cup. The concept is elegantly simple and beautifully executed. The Teastick is made from quality stainless steel and should last for a long time. Made by Gamila.

So get some tea from Adagio Teas and try it out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Inc.

Did you know that A&P started out as the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, in New York?
They eventually evolved into the A&P that we know today, a general dry goods mercantile.
Nearly 150 years ago, The Great American Tea Company opened a store on Vesey Street in New York City and began selling tea, coffee and spices at value prices. Soon stores sprung up all around the metropolitan area and salesmen took their wares to the road in horse-drawn carriages bound for New England, the mid-west and the south.

In 1870 the Company was renamed the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, in honor of the first transcontinental railroad and hopes of expanding across the continent.

Learn how far they've come since their humble start from tea & coffee.
.. and just think how far you'll get.

Monday, December 12, 2005

What’s in a Coffee Shop Name?

As I mentioned in this previous post, you need to be careful when choosing a name for your cafe. Now check out this post from Coffee Strategies - Ideas for Coffee Shop Success that discusses this a little bit further.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tea Businesses are Hot!

According to, a tea business is one of the hottest trends and best business ideas for 2006.

Organic teas, latte mixes, herbs, fruits and spices--however you stir it, teas are exotic, enticing and steeping in opportunity. In fact, the $6.8 billion tea industry is one of the strongest beverage markets, on track to reach $10 billion by 2010, according to Don Montuori, acquisitions editor at Packaged Facts, a Rockville, Maryland, publisher of consumer market research.

So now's the time people; get on the bandwagon! Read more...

Is Starting a Coffee Shop Right for You?

Owning your own coffee business has mass appeal. Picture yourself as the proprietor of a successful coffee shop and just think of the many positive attributes that you associate with that image: freedom to make your own decisions, financial independence, respect from the local community, your family and staff, and the satisfaction of providing a sought-after product to your customers in a social environment that brings people together, just to name a few. Just smell that fresh coffee brewing! What could be better?

Let’s add a shot of reality to that idealized image for a more grounded perspective: picture working 14-hour days, 6 or 7 days a week, smell the unrelenting pungent scent of stale coffee on your clothing and in your hair, feel that painful steam wand burn on your index finger, see yourself driving to your shop at 5:30 am on a dark and cold Saturday morning when an employee calls in sick (again), imagine yourself pacifying the argumentative customer that insists a traditional Italian macchiato includes caramel, “like Starbucks does.” Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?

Surprisingly, many prospective coffee entrepreneurs feel that an undefined “something better” awaits them in the retail coffee business than in their current life, but do not necessarily stop to validate this point. Take inventory of both the benefits and drawbacks of retail business ownership prior to making a serious life change.

Immerse yourself into the industry before you make your leap. Interact with coffee shop owners in neighboring cities; join the Specialty Coffee Association of America and attend their annual conference; visit the online chat forums at the SCAA website,, and 1 Take inventory of both the benefits and drawbacks of retail business ownership prior to making this serious life change.; read Fresh Cup Magazine and Specialty Coffee Retailer.

Before you commit yourself to that new reality, make sure that you are basing your decision on facts and not solely on your desires and a wellintentioned misinterpretation of the facts – accept that there is a difference between what happens and what you want to happen. Every garage band from Seattle or Portland has the dream of a rock star lifestyle; a disciplined few practice their instruments the 4 to 6 hours each day necessary to be good musicians; the fewer still that become famous will understand that practicing 4 to 6 hours each day is part of the real rock star lifestyle – you had better enjoy it.

If you're considering starting a coffee shop for the first time, read Andrew Hetzel's guide, 12 Fundamentals of a Successful Coffee Business, and then consider their complete consulting and training package.

Gourmet Tea Set

Gourmet Tea Set

If you are just getting curious about gourmet tea. We recommend this tea set we found over at Adagio Teas. It comes with an easy-to-use 16oz teapot and four tea samples for only $19. I especially like it because it is very simple and convenient...very easy to travel to work with if needed. Be sure to check the video to see what I mean.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Bad Coffee Shop Name?

A judge has told Sam Buck that she can't call her coffee shop Sambuck's. The judge ruled the name violated the trademark of coffee giant Starbucks.

This is wacky. This leads me to believe that any coffeehouse name that ends in "Bucks" is in for a lawsuit. Have you guys heard anything like this? If you have please, please leave a comment about it. This article got me thinking about cafe names. Not only the fact that you have to be extra careful in choosing the name of your venue, but that I'm very sure there are plenty of cafes with innovative (funny) names.

One of which I saw a while ago is Bread Stuy. This is a cafe located in the Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. This area is better known as "Bed Stuy".

Monday, December 05, 2005

Teen takes over Severna Park coffee shop

While her peers are busy fine-tuning their taste buds for specialty coffees and lattes, 19-year-old Kaely Roe of Severndale bought more than a cupful - she just purchased her first coffee shop......

"I always joked that if I can make a living as a coffee girl ... I didn't expect it to be a career goal.".....

Seven college students and fellow home-schoolers, including Ms. Roe's 16-year-old brother Lucas, make up the staff. Her mother is the secretary of the corporation, and her father helped put in a new floor.

Severna Perk currently serves a variety of coffees and espressos. However, Ms. Roe's business plan includes phasing in organic coffees and homemade pastries within the next month.

Full Article

This girl is definately doing her thing. It's cool to see not only a young person have that entrepreneurial sprit; especially if it's about a cafe. If you know of a similar story please post a comment.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Big interests in Internet Cafes

I am noticing a pattern with the amount of interest some companies are showing internet cafes. I metioned in a previous post about Google's recent development; but I also came across this article.

It states that Intel Corp. has teamed up with Internet content provider Tom Online Inc. to open a chain of Internet cafes that allow users to record and share songs over the Internet. So here is what I think might happen in the future:

  • It will be mandatory for computer/internet companies to market to Internet cafe customers.

  • Cafe will be sponsored by computer/internet companies. (free internet access, laptops, etc.)

  • Cafes will become more about technology than food, beverages, relaxation, and atmosphere.

But what do you guys think? What is the future holding for our cafes, coffeehouses, and tea rooms?