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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cafe joins forces with Airline

Yes, you read correctly. A cafe can have these kind of business deals. Your beverages can comfort frequent flyers.

India budget airline company Air Deccan has gone into a deal with the café chain Café Coffee Day. Cafe Coffee Day is part of the Rs 300 crore Amalgamated Coffee Bean Company Limited group and the deal would see them in a co-branding arrangement with the India’s first no-frills airline company which has revolutionized the way people traveled by air in India.

As per the deal between the two companies, Cafe Coffee Day will now become the single point vendor to supply a range of food and beverages to the passengers on Air Deccan flights. And also, Air Deccan passengers will receive discounts on purchase of merchandise like coffee powder and gift packs at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets in airports. They would be required to show their boarding passes for this offer.

See? Starbucks isn't the only company that can accomplish this. This is just more proof that coffee and tea businesses are here to stay.



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