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Friday, January 27, 2006

Coffee House Tours

Check out this website. It's run by a gal named Annette Warner and has tons of info about coffeehouse music events, locations, reviews, and links. There is also a mailing list for musicians to get advice about how to work the coffeehouse scene. This following copy was taken from her site: began it's quest within the quaint, artistic and multi-cultural ambiance of the east coasts Wilmington, NC music scene. The reason for the creation of this valuable resource started as a simple one...I love good Java, and love making and listening to good music!

I also enjoy doing my part to keep live music thriving and nurtured in as many places as possible. But, nothing beats an intimate atmosphere for laid back music stylings and coffee shops just seem to be the mainstay love for aspiring songwriters and folk music artists. Even full bands are enjoying listening room/bean grinding atmospheres now-a-days! Many famous super stars started out in hometown style java huts, and through the years music and coffee/tea houses have just remained a cohesive mixture for those who treasure those memories of the 60's and for those that enjoy that ambiance coming back in all it's glory...even if you missed the original era. There are many websites supporting links to Coffee Houses in their areas that support live music, but none quite like this. Our mission is to create and maintain the most comprehensive resource and tour guide for a musician as possible as well as support the venues that welcome us "Java Jukers" with open arms and plenty of beans :)

In addition to the obvious benefits of having a tour guide at your finger's future plans are to organize and embark on an annual physical tour state by state visiting all the coffee houses on our domain with a select group of participating artists in tow celebrating and bringing back to the forefront the ambiance of the 60's era acoustic Coffee House Music. Yes, it's still around..but it doesn't get the attention it deserves. We 'bout to change all that :)


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