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Monday, January 16, 2006

Harrods to sell most expensive tea

A type of tea believed to be the most expensive ever seen in Britain goes on sale later this month, Sky News reports.

The rare Chinese green -- called The Tieguanyin tea -- costs 300 times more than the usual household brew, about £8.50 ($15.00) a cup.

The loose oolong leaves, grown in China's central Fujian province, can be re-brewed up to seven times, a Harrods spokesman said.

It is nearly three times the price of the most expensive tea currently sold at the prestigious London store.

Harrods food spokesman Andre Dang said the premium tea did not lose its flavor when re-brewed -- making it less expensive than it first appeared.

"It's got a beautiful perfume. Very, very floral. It's like sitting in a garden on a hot summer's day when all the flowers are really heady," he said.

The tea's name refers to the Buddhist deity Guan Yin and has been translated as Iron Goddess of Mercy.

Source: United Press International


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