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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chinese Tea 101

Chinese Tea 101 is not just another copied-and-pasted-together site you find on the internet, and it wouldn't sound authoritarian like a lot of Chinese tea books. It's first-hand Chinese tea experience of Kam and a group of happy tea drinkers'. It's something you can follow and practice yourself.

For the first few decades in Kam's existence, he thought Chinese tea was just flavored water. If there wasn't any tea around, a can of the cheapest coke would even be better.

In the Autumn of 2000, a tea shop owner approach him for help to bring teas online. It was straightly business for the first quarter. But as Kam got to learn more about tea and tea brewing while trying out all the nice teas in the shop, he realized he did it all wrong for the first half of his life.

There seems to be a gene in Kam that dances to the aroma and flavor of good Chinese tea. And the thinker in Kam gets sharpened in the process of brewing tea.

By putting together, Kam likes to share this physical, as well as spiritual, experience with you.


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