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Friday, April 07, 2006

More that just a DoubleShot

I have to say I've been seeing alot of articles about Barstucks sueing some small coffee shop somewhere because of the slightest similarity between the two. I'm starting to think that the similarity that Barstucks is primarily focused on is that the other business sells coffee.

Read on my friend, read on.

The owner of Doubleshot Coffee Company is steamed. Coffee giant Starbucks is threatening to sue Brian Franklin and his company over the name "Doubleshot". “When I first saw that it was from the lawyers of Starbucks, I was surprised. Then I started laughing, like, what? This is stupid."

Starbucks Doubleshot comes in a can. Then there is a doubleshot of espresso. Starbucks says customers might not be able to tell the difference between their product and two shots of espresso. Starbuck' lawyers say customers associate the word "doubleshot" with their product, the trademarked "Starbucks Doubleshot" beverage and that Brian's company "threatens to diminish the strong, positive associations between Starbucks and the genuine Starbucks Doubleshot trademark."

Yes, again read on.


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