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Friday, May 26, 2006

Coffee Shop Privacy

There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee, the buzz of activity and hipster music (or your iPod) to cure those office blues. Being able to carry your laptop to the coffee house and still put in a day's work is one of the best things to come out of the Wi-Fi revolution.

Unfortunately, this can also set the stage for all sorts of trouble; like identity theft for starters.

Unlike a CAT5 connection, wireless cards shoot those ones and zeros shoot across the air letting anyone within range detect the signals. And as has been proven time and again, deciphering them isn't beyond the reach of even the most inexperienced hacker.

To make matters worse, a snooper may be right at the next table. Coffee shops aren't like an office park where you can ask security to check out that suspicious van.

Does that mean your traffic is all out there for everyone to see? Yes and no.

Your traffic is undeniably detectable, but you're in control of who is allowed to make heads or tails of it. Exerting that control is all up to you, however.

This week we spotlight a tutorial that will help wireless users practice safe wireless browsing while reaching for another cup.

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