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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I found an interesting article that was the cover story for the latest issue of Radar.

It starts with "Every woman I know has a crush on her coffee guy", then goes into detail about women who in infactuated with the guy who makes theire latte. It also gives 9 tips on how to get him. They are:

1. Make eyes CBD barista Tristan Chan recommends lingering eye contact with minimal conversation: "It's very intriguing."

2. Know your coffee Don’t order a skim soy decaf cappuccino with extra froth and no chocolate. It screams indecisiveness.

3. Down time Come in when the barista's not busy — usually mid- afternoon.

4. Less is more. Surry Hills barista Cameron recommends walking into the cafe wearing nothing but a trench coat, or to bring in photos of you in lingerie with a phone number on the back: "I would like to see that happen more often."

5. Love hearts The love heart on top of your coffee is always good fuel for jokes. "If you’re interested, make a little jest about it and if the barista wants, he can continue it on," suggests Ed Cutcliffe.

6. Be cool. Psychologist Alex Jenkins advises against coming on too strong. "If baristas had a lot of people gushing over them, playing hard to get would be more irresistible."

If anything, take advantage of your power as the customer by waiting for them to initiate conversation.

7. Be a regular. Baristas love routine and will more likely remember you if you come in at the same time every day.

8. Be strategic. Go with a friend and have a loud conversation about where you're going that night. 'But don't ask him what time he finishes unless you’re sure he’s interested,' Ed recommends.

9. Don't cross the line. The thrill of the crush lies in the possibility of something happening, not in the certainty that it won't.


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