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Friday, September 15, 2006

Get a teamaker & teashirt

I just stumbled upon this very cool looking tea brewer and cover made by eva solo. I really like it and would purchase it just because it looks different.

They even have a video presentation.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Would you like Intel with your latte?

Elitegroup Computer System Co yesterday said that it will start supplying motherboards to chip giant Intel Corp in a deal designed to tap into China's massive Internet cafe market. "Intel has chosen us to supply motherboards. The deal is simple as Intel wants a supplier with ample supplies to forge a long-term relationship," said an Elitegroup official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The paper quoted industry sources who said that because rival AMD's processors have acquired a 70 percent share of China's Internet cafe market, Intel is now aggressively striving to make up lost ground and increase its share to at least 50 percent. Intel has been pushing its Platform Administration Technology, which is a platform solution for small-sized and medium-sized network environments such as Internet cafes. It hopes its solution will become the standard platform for Internet cafes in China. But instead of using its own brand of motherboards this time, Intel has opted to use products made by Elitegroup to lower costs and boost competitiveness,

From Taipei Times

Friday, September 01, 2006

Coffee shop adds art to menu

The coffee shop that claims to put the universe on University Avenue is coming down to Earth for an art show.

Mars Cafe will hold an art opening tonight featuring three local artists. The show will showcase the artists and their work, said Kari Heath, assistant manager for the cafe at 2318 University Ave.

"It's a young, hip group," said Heath, describing the artists.

Mars Cafe opened this spring just a stone's throw from Drake University. Every Friday, the coffee shop and wine bar holds a wine and beer tasting.

But every four to six weeks, the event also allows people to sample some art. Phil James, co-owner of the business, has said he's looking for events that will set Mars Cafe apart from other coffee shops.