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Friday, October 13, 2006

Early or latte, cafe can be workplace

A news article discusses how today, all you need to create a workplace is a cup of Joe and an Internet connection. And of course your neighborhood provides the perfect solution. The articles further states "Fitness trainer Terrence Thomas, 32, regularly stakes out a spot in Borders, or Starbucks. On this day, Thomas wears his polo shirt emblazoned with his company logo, a free billboard for his upstart business. He checks his e-mail, zips off a few, too. His new office in Hallandale Beach will be ready soon. In the meantime, the Aventura Borders suits him fine.

"I’ll probably come here even when I have an office," Thomas said. "You know, for a change of pace."

Could this be a new avenue for business incubators? I think it's definately something to look into. I know many freelancers who chooses the local coffee house for their office or at least to meet clients for lack of one.

What are your thoughts?


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