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Saturday, December 06, 2008


I had the divine privilege of experiencing the most amazing cup-o-hot chocolate EVER!!

Was a typical chilly night in NYC yesterday. I was down in Chelsea shopping for portfolio supplies and got a craving for hot chocolate. I've had some good ones in my days...For example, Jacques Torres in TriBeCa or even Dabid Burke...but I wasn't near wither one so I was gonna just play it easy and head to Starbucks on 23rd and Park Ave South.

On my way I walked past the City bakery at 3 West 18th Street and thought...Hey, they have amazing iced coffee in the summer...lemme see if they have hot chocolate. Sure enough, they have hand-crafted hot chocolate towards the back that they make to order right in front of you, complete with a over-sized homemade marshmallow.

It was divinely decadent!! Thick, rich and PURE chocolate and cream!! You're gonna want to get a large but trust me, a small is more than enough.

The City bakery will be having a HOT CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL beginning February 1st that will last the entire month. Each day, you can experience flavors like: Ginger, Black Pepper, Lemon, Banana Peel, even BEER!

Go, GO NOW and get yours

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